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  • Kathryn Allard

Bee Adventures - Part 6

July 18, 2020

Our neighbour Hubert Chanon came over after luch today, to accompany me during my inspection. Inviting him to see my hive is the least I coould do, considering he lent me one of his bee suits, veil, a clamp and hive tool. Hubert had a few colonies of bees a few years ago, and he had graciously given us a jar of his precious honey in his early production years.

I explained what happened with the cross comb, and what I expected to find when we openend the hive. Richard got the smoker fired up and we all walked towards the hive.

The inner cover was stuck with propolis and the only way I found to open it was to pry one side, then twist a little from left to right. Pulling it upwards wasn't really a logical option, as it would create a sudden jerk. To my big surprise, the cross comb had completely dissapeared. Was it because of the levelling of the hive last week ? I was happy that most of the burr comb had dissapeared also. These little bees are amazing.

Three new frames were filling in nicely. There are bees on every frame, even on the inside walls, and the feeder. I'll have to plan for another super (box) very soon. The last thing I want is to manage a swarm!

Hubert was impressed at how calm my bees were, and on how healthy they looked. Richard comments that I am slow and my inspections take a long time. But as a new beekeeper, my gestures are calculated and I always take care not to crush or hurt any bees. I really need a brush because they are everywhere and come back as soon as I shoo them away from a frame or the tops.

... They actually might be thinking : As soon as I want to get back to work, this lady pushes me away !

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