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Bee Adventures - Part 18

September 29, 2020

Richard sent me pictures of the bearding covering the entrance again. During my lunch break, I was able to speak to Manolo from the Miellerie, and I related what steps I had taken, and what was going on.

"You have a very healthy hive!" My heart lifted. "Your bees are perfectly fine. The younger ones are staying on the porch, while the older ones, the ones who cure the honey, have more room to fan their wings, ventilate and keep the temperature steady. As such, they are evaporating the water content from the honey stores, so it's ready to be sealed. By being outside, they are ajusting the inside temperature. If there is comb of honey at the top of the frames, it is a good sign of abundance. Don't worry, they're in excellent shape for the winter months".

What a relief.

He sent me a picture of one of his bearding hives. Lordy. There were so many bees, I could barely see the hive. Mine was far from being in that situation.

He also suggested I put the feeder back on when the temperature drops a bit, as well as the insulation pad for the roof. That will help to keep the syrup warmer so the bees will be able to drink it. It will be the last stretch before the cold sets in for good.

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