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Bee Adventures - Part 16

Sept 22

Fed the bees !!!! 24 cups of sugar, 12 cups of water

Sept 23

Fed the bees !!!! 20 cups of sugar, 10 cups of water

Sept 26 (exceptional 24 degrees)

Fed the bees !!!! 5 kg of sugar made 10 liters of syrup

Removed the feeder to see what's up inside the hive. Too many bees at the entrance of the hive, waiting their turn to go inside - or get out, I'm not sure.

What a wonderful surprise !! There is honey on the top of the frames !!! Most frames are completely full !!! Bees are feeding / gathering / making honey EVERYWHERE !

Wooo hooooo !!!!!

Sept 27 (exceptional 24 degrees and humid)

Early am. Bees are bearding in front of the hive. Quite spectacular and a little scray. Alot less around noon, then lots again on the north side, outside of the hive, near the entrance. A bunch hanging on the tiny entrance roof Richard had made for them. They are so cute... with their tiny feet.

I openend the varroa tray in the back for some air, then closed it after dinner to keep their heat inside.

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