Bee adventures - Part 14 (skipping 13)

September 16, 2020

When I checked at noon, the syrup level was at the 5 litre line, meaning they drank about 10 liters in 36 hours! This top feeder is great; you can feed the bees without having to open the hive, no disturbances, no drafts.

After dinner, I made some syrup to feed the bees; 12 cups of water for 24 cups of sugar. It was almost dark but I did it anyway because the forecast for tomorrow is rain starting very early in the morning and temperatures dropping to -2 degrees at night, so I want to make sure they donT run out of food. The rest of the week is supposed to be warm, but hey, you never know what Mother Nature can decide.

If it has to be done, do it.

Although it was nearly 20 degrees with a mix of sun amd clouds today, autumn is slowly settling in, and the sun sets around 7:15 pm.

Richard helped me with the huge pot of syrup, transferring liquid to a smaller juice pitcher to make it easier for me to transfer it to the feeder box and prevent spilling. I slowly poured the syrup, being careful not to drown any bees. I even smoked them a little so they could move out of the way, and I avoided creating sticky bees as I possibly could.

The inner cover has a lot of humidity, which is sort of normal, given the amount of liquid and the recent heat.

Topped the syrup level to the 3rd line, which is about 15 litres. The cage was completely full. Some bees were even upside down on the screen ;-)

Man, they sure are packed in there...!

"scuze me, hum, scuze me, sorry, step aside, oops, Hey !!!, sorry, apologies, scuze me, scuze meeeee!!"

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