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Bee Adventures - Part 10

September 7, 2020

Today I treated myself - and the bees - to a last thorough inspection of the season and applied the varroa strips called Apivar. They are very easy to use compared to other methods (which I will eventually describe to you, Dear Reader), I read everything on the packaging twice and different comments found on numerous blogs and FB Groups before I proceeded. I need to remember to remove them after 45 days.

Richard lent me his GoPro camera, which we attached to his parasailing helmet. I wore it over my veil. Looks nice, hey ? The t-shirt is one that I bought 2 years ago at a bar in Montreal called Les Trois Brasseurs. They had a promotion on beer they made with honey. Some of the proceeds went to honey producers in Quebec. Their staff were all wearing them, so I asked if I could buy one. Magic!

Back to our inspection. I spaced the frames apart gently and evenly and I was finishing up, making sure the two Apivar strips were holding correctly with my toothpicks. I had the latex gloves on for a better feel of the strips (the strips are chemicals after all so the less my skin touches anything toxic, the better). The thinness of the latex makes it easy to handle than my regular leather gloves and I don’t want to drop a strip between two frames - which would mean taking out the frames, squeezing and aggravating bees. I had spent enough time disturbing them already.

I told the bees not to sting me because I wasn’t well protected. I think I heard one say : "Just be gentle and we’ll be nice", just as my thumb clumsily squooshed one on the side of a frame.

Richard laughed as I turned to him and probably made a very strange and unappealing grimace, and no sound. My thumb is still sensitive and itchy even after a week!

Closed everything up and imagined the little varroas slowly agonizing and eventually dying. I nice

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